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WhatsApp for PC, the bes App for instant messaging, send free messages arround the world

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WhatsApp for PC, We will explain how Whatsapp for Windows and Mac PC is installed. Whatsapp for PC is free!.

Whatsapp for PC is a site where we explain how to install the last "free calls" and message app like Whatsapp, Line Naver, tango and any app of its kind. Also check out the biggest games like Angry Birds for Android, Angry Birds Start Wars.

Whatsapp for PC must be installed in an Android system. The tool is called BlueStacks App Player and is now at the official website bluestacks.com free.

You can download the Windows or Mac version.

After downloading the file, click the icon to install the Android emulator.

Once installed, launch the Android emulator. A screen like this appears:

Whatsapp for Pc

Click Search.


We are looking for a Whatsapp application.


Select Whatsapp for installing in Android emulator.


Whatsapp is not available as an application? Don't worry!

We will explain another method to get the application. You can download the file directly from Whatsapp.apk: click

After downloading the file, run the Android emulator and on the file icon, which you have just downloaded, click.

Whatsapp Image

Whatsapp is ready to use.

Once you've installed the WhatsApp on BlueStacks, click on the "My App", and here you will findWhatsapp for your use and enjoyment. Before you can use Whatsapp, you must configure the app.

Whatsapp can be configured very easily. Please remember that you do not need a smartphone.

Whatsapp schickt us. A code via SMS to your mobile phone You must enter this code in the application. Whatsaap for PC asks you for a mail account.

We conduct an e-mail address and a password and you're done! You have theWhatsapp App installed for PC and now it's ready for use in the Android emulator.

Have fun with your contacts and this fantastic app.

Other instant messaging App´s.

Line is an app that is competing with Whatsapp. Line is developed by Naver and these people have other fantastic app as Line Camera or Line Cafe.

With line you can send instant messages and also it is possible, free calls.

WhatsApp can send videos longest.

WhatsApp is updated again to smartphones and now provides the ability to send longer videos and edit them. This tool is ideal for when you want to send a video to a contact that is very large in terms of size but with the authoring tool can be trimmed.

With the new update of the instant messaging app, you can send video over 16MB of size. If the visual file size is even higher, there is also the possibility of cutting it.

This is one of the new features incorporated WhatsApp but not the only. There is also the ability to send voice messages to any contact that contains the application. Now you can record a message and send it easily in no time.

This new tool is called "Push to Talk" and the user can check whether the recipient heard the message.

Whatsapp PC